Hello, my name is Kevin, currently a research student at University College London. I am investigating a linguistic phenomenon called "Slips of the Ear", a.k.a. mishearing.

The concept of mishearing surfaces in our lives in many ways, such as in newspapers' cartoons and in misheard song lyrics such as hearing `kiss this guy' instead of `kiss the sky' in a very famous song by Jimi Hendrix. Just as Freud believes that slips of the tongue can reveal our subconscious thoughts, I believe "Slips of the Ear" can reveal our speech perceptual processes.

Everyday, we constantly encounter "slips of the ear", the details of these mishearing are just what I need to complete this research. This is where YOU could contribute.

I have created online forms (in English and Chinese) where you can report slips easily.
I am focusing mainly on English and Chinese (of any kind, e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese...), but slips on other languages are more than welcome!!!

On top of reporting slips, you could really benefit this research by spreading the word, by for example, posting the link of this website on various social networking groups, such as twitter, facebook, renren, myspace and others; as well as blogs, vblog, websites etc, and of course word of mouth!!!

Thank you in advance!

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